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Retrieve blackout dates for domain (not using enrollment id, or user id)

Brian Collins
We're looking to retrieve the blackout dates assigned to each domain. I understand we can use `GetCalendarItems` but that requires a userID or enrollmentID, which we would prefer not to tie it to. Is there perhaps another function to retrieve this information? If not can a feature request be made to include specifying a domainID on `GetCalendarItems` which will return dates listed in the domain settings 'Blackout Dates'?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Brian Collins:

Blackout dates are stored in the public/shadow/app/xli/settings.xml file for a domain (see Settings). If you want to see which blackout dates are applicable to a particular domain, then you would want to use the GetDomainSettings API.

For example:

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Brian Collins

Oh, that's fantastic!  I looked at that command but didn't catch on this was possible.

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