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Average Streak (in days)

Angela Wineland
While looking at the data on learners in the back end of Dawn, I am interested in learning more about how the system defines an "average streak" in days? I realize the resulting number is somehow representative of an average number of days, but some of the resulting numbers don't make a lot of sense to me. We have some learners who have spent, let's say less than 5 minutes on given lessons and tasks who have an average streak of 1, while other learners who have spent significantly more time on lessons and videos, but who have a far lower "average streak." For example, I am looking at a learner who has spent 40 minutes and 51 seconds on lessons, but has an "average streak" of .33. Can I get some more clarity on the defining parameters for a learner's average streak so that I can figure out how that data point is best reported?


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