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New Version available?

Ramsey Education

I received the following message from one of the teachers who use our curriculum that is hosted through Buzz:

I've been noticing on Agilixbuzz that it wants me to download a "new version." Is this a legit message from Agilixbuzz? Should I do it? Will it mess up my course? I just want to verify because we are highly trained to not download anything at work due to hacking attempts.

Can you tell me if this so? Thank you!

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hi Rebecca:

Agilix Buzz will never tell you to download a new version. However, we do have an alert saying that there is a new version available and that by clicking on the button will simply refresh the page. If the alert is actually from Buzz, you can get the new version by just selecting the refresh button in your browser.

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