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Multiple versions of a test?

Christopher Snell

Can I randomly assign multiple tests to students. I have multiple versions of a test that I would like to assign to different students, so that they do not all get the same test. I know that I can use test banks and variables but I have already created several versions of a test and would like to use them.

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Bruce Sharp

There are several ways to accomplish this. It somewhat depends on what your existing tests are like. If you already have the tests in Buzz, you could use the people tab to create different groups (one for each version). Then hide/assign a different version to each group.

If your tests are on paper, you could scan each into Buzz and use the grouping method above. Or you could create a passage question where the test is a passage. You would create questions that were just answer blanks numbered 1...whatever. Use a variable to have Buzz pull one of the scanned test images at random.

If your tests are coded into Buzz and you didn't want to use the grouping option I would combine the different versions into one test. Each question would use a variable. So if you have 4 versions, question one would have a list of 4 questions. For example:

Var: q.1="x+3=5","x-4=-2","x+9=1","x-8=7"

Var: q.1a=2,2,-8,15

So you would basically copy the question from each version and paste it into the variable. Note I put the questions in quotation marks because of the equal sign. My variable name format was just question 1 and question 1 answer. The q. links each question with its respective answer.

The real benefit of the last option is it dramatically increases the number of test versions. A student might have question 1 from version A, question 2 from version D, question 3 from version B, and so on.

I hope that helps. :)

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