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statusofResult=tobemoderated LTI flag no longer works?


Our platform has integrated via LTI with Buzz (previously BrainHoney) for many years now. We have been using the statusofResult=tobemoderated LTI flag for a long time to indicate when a submitted activity needs to be viewed and graded by a teacher. We began getting reports that after 7/26, users in the Buzz LMS were no longer getting these 'needs grading' results. We did not make any changes on or around that time, and I've confirmed we are still sending the proper flag.

Did Buzz change how it handles the statusofResult LTI flag on or around 7/26? If so, is this a temporary bug, or has this functionality been removed?


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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hi John!

We haven't made changes that would impact the functions of LTI within the date mentioned. Completion is set by the LIT provider, so you may need to review with the LTI provider the LTI Links page and specifically the section "Setting a Needs-Grading Status" as it appears it does not match the format example you provided.  

Also, it's possible that some users may have disabled their teacher to-do list for all or specific courses. 

Hope this helps!

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Hi Brian,

To be clear, we are the LTI provider here :) And I was just using shorthand for the parameter format - we do do what is described on the page you linked.

However, on further investigation and testing, this seems to be related to the gradebook setup in the course. In the past, we had a specific BrainHoney course package export format, which not only imported the LTI links but also setup the gradebook properly. Unfortunatley, Buzz no longer supports that format and has not made available a new one to use to reach the same result. We have a basic CC1.2 package, but that does not configure the gradebook.

It seems the fundamental issue here is that the Needs Grading notifications do not work if the activity does not already have an entry in the gradebook prior to submission.

It would be really great if the old BrainHoney package format were supported again, or if Buzz were to support some other way of setting up the section gradebook as part of a common cartridge package import.



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