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Why are my copied activities linked?

Anna Westaby

I am editing a master course using my author login, and I would like to copy some assignments that I saved in my teacher resources course. I have author access to both courses.

From the editor for Course B, I *copied* the activities from Course A from the digital library into Course B.

However, all of the assignments that I copy are coming over as read-only and linked to the original source. How can I unlink these so that the new course is independent from my resources folder?


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Anna Westaby

Update: I think I found the problem. When I had copied the assignments from the original course (not the author view) to my resources folder, I had linked them so they would be current with changes during the active course. So then, when I tried to copy them from there in my author view, they stayed linked! Just have to go back and make static copies of the originals.

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