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Varshini G


We would like to know if the Personal note-taking functionality would be made permanent soon? Is there a date on the horizon as to when this will be available as a permanent feature? We really like this experimental functionality.


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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Varshini:

Thank you for you interest in this feature! Good news is that the note taking feature will be leaving beta this Summer and plan to provide additional details about this in the coming weeks on using it. 


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Varshini G

Oh Wonderful! Thanks Brian.

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Wendy Cooley

I also really like the new feature of "NOTES" for a class or a particular section of the class. 1.  My favorite use of it right now is as a place to put important comments about students in my class. ( For example:  July 8: Sam Smith will be on vacation until July 15th. ) This reminds me as soon as I log into the home screen for the class, that I don't need to be worried about that student not showing up recently!     2. As a teacher, this notes section is also giving me a great place to make comments for myself about things I might want to think about fixing for next year...or ideas for the future.    I'm glad you are making this feature permanent!  Thank you!



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