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How can I give full credit to individual questions in assessments so that feedback automatically populates?

Rebecca Curry

Though I see a full credit option in the top right-hand corner of each assignment, when I click that, only the grade (100%) populates; a grade for each question does not. Is there a way to give full credit to each question without having to do so individually? I am looking for a quick way to give full credit for each question that will populate feedback automatically.

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Bruce Sharp

Hi Rebecca,

What kind of activity are you working with; is it an assessment, homework(practice). Also, what type of questions are you using; multiple-choice, fill-in, essay, etc.?

Can you post screen shots or copy and paste some code?

Rebecca Curry

Hi Bruce,

These are short answer, and some are assessment but most are homework. Thank you!

Bruce Sharp

Maybe someone from Agilix will pipe in with a shortcut. As far as I know you will have to enter a score for each question.

I will add, in case you aren't aware, that you can use the tab key to do it a little faster. Click in the score box for the first question and enter your score. Then click TAB, the cursor will jump to the score box of the next question. Type your score and move on. That at least eliminates a lot of scrolling and clicking.

Rebecca Curry

Hi, Bruce,

Yes, maybe someone can step in with some added info here, but I really appreciate your help. Thank you for taking the time to give me this information!

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Rebecca:

Yes, the Full Credit option does not override the scores inputted for each individual question. It will allow you to override the total calculated grade, but not that of each individual question. 

This allows you to maintain the integrity of each question's score while being generous in their total score. For example, let's say that you had a multiple choice question that the student got wrong. You want it to still display that they got it wrong but you want to grant them a greater grade overall. 

If you really want them to receive 100%, is there a reason why you still feel like you need to enter the score for the individual questions? Is it not removing itself from the "needs grading" queue?

Rebecca Curry


That makes sense. This is actually a question we received from one of our teachers, so I'm not sure about the last question you asked. I think the teacher wanted to the students to see feedback, but I showed her where that option was still possible. 

Thanks for your time!

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