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Activity grader Analytics?

Amy Rountree

I'm intrigued by the "Analytics" tab within the grading for activities. 

I would like to understand more about what information it is giving me. 

I've pasted a snip below of what I see: 

I'm wondering what the blue bars under Difficulty and Discrimination indicate (or not), and also what the little yellow triangle means when it shows up next to a question? 

I did a search in the docs but didn't see any explanations. 


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Bruce Sharp

I'm sure someone from Agilix will chime in with a more authoritative answer, but here is at least a partial explanation.

Difficulty is just how many students got that question correct and how many got it wrong. If you hover your mouse over the blue bar it will give you the percent. I'm not 100% on the triangle and the discrimination. I think the discrimination is supposed to alert you to a bad question. I believe it is something like if the kids who did well on the assessment all missed this one or if students who scored poorly all got this one correct. When that number reaches a certain threshold the yellow triangle pops up to alert you.

Did you  click on the arrow in front of the question? That is much more useful to me. As you can see with my second image, it isn't as useful if you use variables. Also notice the option below the second question (it got cut off in the first image). If you decide that there was an error in a question or is invalid for some other reason you can click the link and it drops the question from everyone's score.

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