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Easier access to assessment passwords needed

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Jeremy Walker

In the current version of Buzz, we've received a lot of complaints about how difficult it is to find the password for assessments, especially when you're doing makeups/retakes and need to access a lot of different passwords all in a very short amount of time or one right after another. I think the biggest issue for them is that it moves depending on what other settings are open, etc.  Since that dynamic changing of the location of items is a design standard that Buzz is committed to keeping, let's find a different solution to help out the end users.

If that setting could be right at the top of the settings page, or even better if there was a quick access button from the syllabus similar to how the eye was added for visibility, I think it would make this feature more user-friendly in the current version of Buzz. 

Thanks for considering.

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Kit Degenhart

I absolutely agree with Jeremy's comment.  Passwords are buried deep on the setting's page and, as Jeremy pointed out, moves when certain setting windows are opened or closed.  I like the quick access like the eye for visibility.  That would be really helpful.  Thanks!

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Bruce Sharp

Excellent suggestion Jeremy!

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