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Import mult. fill-in questions from old UI to new UI error.

Bruce Sharp

Most of my assignments contain questions that are multiple fill in the blanks. For example, I have students set up an equation in one blank then type the value of x in another. Often they also have to plug that value into an expression to arrive at the final solution.

In that example, I would set the points to 3 with partial credit checked. That would result in 1 point per blank. That same question is now worth 9 points because the new UI decided that it is worth 3 points per blank instead of 3 points overall. To fix this, I will have to open every assignment in every course I teach for the entire year to manually change all of the point values. This doesn't just affect me. I know most of my fellow math teachers and most of the science department use multiple fill-in questions. That's just at my school. there's no telling how many of your other users this affects.

Can you PLEASE find a way to fix this on your end? I'm not asking for a new feature request to have the new UI build questions differently. I'm asking for legacy assignments to be correctly imported into the new UI. If the total points is 3 and there are 3 blanks, the import filter should be able to calculate that as 1 point per blank.

My coworkers and I have been building questions in Buzz for years. It will be a massive task to go back and open every assignment to correct the point values.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member


Is this still an issue for your organization? 

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Bruce Sharp

It was fixed in an update. Thanks for checking.

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