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Grading Templates - Audio/Video feature and organization

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Melissa Moreno

A while back there was an option to add audio and video comments in grading templates.  Then this feature was removed.  Are there any plans to bring this feature back (PLEASE, it would be extremely helpful and is so much more personable for students)?  

Also, are there any plans to add the ability to organize the grading templates into folders?  I am a teacher that teaches multiple courses and it would be so helpful if I could organize my templates into folders instead of having one very long list of templates to have to scroll through.

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Katie Shaver-Ahmadzai

I agree that being able to use folders in the "Grading Templates" would be a great benefit to me as well, as I teach multiple courses.   

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NorthStar Academy: Kristi Velasquez

Adding personalized instruction in our feedback with video really helps us with online engagement. Thanks!

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