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Final grade 0 for more than 1 student

Richard Miller

I have a Teacher in 1 subject that has multiple kids with a current over all grade as 0. The students have grades on their assignments too. The teacher does not think it is the "Passing score required for course credit" setting as this would affect all students.

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Jeremy Walker

Hi Richard,

When one of my teachers tells me something like this, I usually go into the gradebook and click on one of the students with the failing grade. Typically that view will let me see if there is an icon indicating that the passing score is required for course credit has been set for an assignment. It does sound like that's the issue b/c any student who passed that assignment would have a course grade and anyone who failed would have the failing course grade.

Happy hunting,


Richard Miller

Can you please show me where to go step by step to find this setting?

Jeremy Walker

Go to the gradebook and click on the student's name who has the failing grade.

Then look for the icons on the left side like I've indicated below:

That should help you determine if the setting is active and for which assignment(s) so that you/the teacher can adjust the setting for the offending assignments.

I hope that helps.


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