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point values in practice questions

Amy Rountree

I'm using the practice questions to write fill in the blank questions with multiple blanks. I assign partial scores 1 or 2 points per blank, and then the question has the total point value of all of the points together. 

For some reason, no matter how many times I try to change the point value, on some questions the value always reverts to 0.999999999 . . . instead of 1. The question below has a total value of 3 points (the second answer is an alternate one) and if I change the point value to 1 point per question and save the assignment, it will always revert to 0.99999 . . . which I know really is one, but why is it doing this?  

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Bruce Sharp

Hi Amy,

I posted about this very thing recently. You can see my comment for this here. In the text editor change the [.33] in front of each answer to [.34] and make sure you check "round"; it's in the same place as 'partial" credit. I'm not sure you can do this in the visual editor.

Maybe you are already aware of this, but just in case... make sure you do not have the question type set to Math Expression or your question won't grade correctly.

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Amy Rountree

How is the "math expression" not grading correctly? I would really like to be able to use it a) so that students have the math symbol menu when typing answers and b) so that I can not have to put in 7+2x+x^2, x^2+7+2x, and all possible variants into my answers! I haven't had enough students trying it yet to see how it works (or not). 

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Bruce Sharp

I wanted to point that out to you because we ran into the same issue. The problem is you are having the students type an EQUATION not an EXPRESSION.

In your example above, you want the students to type 2x + 18 = 84. Buzz will only "see" the 2x + 18. As soon as it comes across the = (or <, >, or some other symbols - I have a post about that too) it will stop grading.

So this would be marked wrong:  2x + 8 = 84

But this would be marked correct 2x + 18 = spagetti

The first time I tried to use this I wanted the kids to write slope-intercept equations. As long as they wrote y= they got it correct no matter what the right side of the equal sign said!

We get around this problem 2 ways. In the case of slope-intercept or something similar we enter the left side of the = ourselves followed by the answer blank.

y = _________

In your example, you could do this:

________ = _________

So the students would type the 2x+8 in the first blank and 84 in the second. You need to tell them in the question to put the variable on the left side of the =.

Also, if you use Math Expression - Equivalent you don't need to type the alternate answer. It will automatically recognize that x+x and 2x are the same. Of course "equivalent" will also count x+x+9+6+3 correct for 2x+18.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Thank you for reaching out Amy!

I hope Bruce was able to address your question and that you have been able to utilize it within your questions? As a heads up this type of question may be better addressed within the Buzz Questions & Answers Page if it is not a request for a new feature for example. 

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