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Restore History in Discussion Groups?

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Is it possible in the new Buzz UI to use the History feature to restore/reset previously established Groups in Discussion boards (e.g., Manage Groups) for an entire course?  If so, how?

Thanks so much,

Jon Oestreich

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Additionally as a follow up to the question above - learners have already been enrolled and established groups.  I am trying to restore the history of enrolled students to the initial group set throughout the class.

Thanks again,


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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Jon!


If the groups were deleted, I have some bad news. There is no way to restore deleted groups. The groups, (not the groups sets) use a GUID and we have no way to see what it was before it was deleted, or a means to restore it. 

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Hi Brian,

Very good.  Thank you for your response.  Lesson learned.  :)



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