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Integration new course with grading period

Kim K

I am working with my programmer to prepare for the next school year. Now that we have Domain level School Years and Grading Periods we are stuck with trying to figure out how to include the domain level school year into the creation of the new courses. Is there an option in the API that we can use so the next school year is added and we don't have to manually go into each course that is created to select the current school year?

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Scott Taylor

Hello Kim,

It is possible via the API, however it requires a subsequent UpdateCourses command on the created course after the CopyCourses to add the domain periods. It would be recommended to coordinate with your LMS reseller for assistance with the technical aspects of performing the linkage to Domain grading periods via the API.

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Kim K

Thank you for your response. I'll send a help ticket to them. I just thought it might be easier asking this way.

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