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New Buzz UI - open User and course Performance links in new tab please!

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Meri Tunison

Hello, I have a suggestion/request for new Buzz UI functionality - same suggestion for two places. My suggestion is to have the following links open in NEW tabs so that management of looking up multiple users/courses is easier. Either do this automatically or allow someone to right click and choose "Open in new tab" (which currently does not work).

Place #1 - When you are searching for a user and then click on their name - it would be helpful if that person's information popped up in a new tab rather than the same window.

Place #2 - When you click on the user's Performance tab and see their courses listed there, and then you want to click on the course to open that specific Performance screen, it would be very useful from a management perspective to have the course Performance screens open in new tabs as well.

We have coaches/counselors/admins who need to go through and pull up multiple students for a regular check on progress (need to drill down into the details of the Performance screens) and currently the new UI opens everything in the same tab. I cannot right click and use "Open in New Tab" for any of these links either, which is super frustrating.


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Scott Taylor

Hello Meri,

Thank you for your feedback on ease of use options. We'll include the suggestions on discussions regarding possible enhancements to Buzz.

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