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How do I embed an MP4 into a rich text activity?

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Sami Forster

Hello -

I am able to upload an MP4 file into the course resource area on the right sidebar of the editor.  However, it will not populate when I go to embed content in the rich text editor, it indicates that only html, htm, or pdf will populate (this is in the old Buzz UI); in the New Buzz UI I am not able to find any of my course resources while using the embed content option from the rich text editor.

My goal is to embed an MP4 video within the rich text editor.  Is this possible?



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Scott Taylor

Hello Sami,

At this time it is not intended to embed MP4 or other video files from the course resources into the rich text editor, rather the videos must be externally hosted and embedded via the external link.

Only HTM, HTML, and PDF file types are intended for embedding via the course resources. In the new UI to select the course resources one would click in the text area that says "Chose a course resource" rather than clicking the upload icon. When the text input is active it will display a drop-down of the available course resources that meet the file type requirements.

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This is very disheartening! I used to embed videos in Brainhoney, and it was a big part of my strategies as a teacher. Is this something that could be changed in the future? 

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Csnell!

I am very sorry if this has negativity impacted content editors! The reason this change was made is that we no longer wanted to host that kind of large content within our servers. Instead users may embed via an external link. 

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