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Retries to appear on to do list!

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I'm not sure if this feature is already available, but I have run into the problem of students not realizing they are granted retries. Is there a way to have the assignment with the retry appear back on the student's to do list?

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Scott Taylor


At this time there is not a setting to cause retries to appear in the to-do list. This suggestion has been noted for inclusion on discussions on possible future updates to the to-do list.

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Kevin McBride

This would be a great feature to include. I would like, however, for the student to be able to clear their to-do list without retrying the assignment.

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Annette Walaszek

Ideally, having the student:

- see the re-try item back on the to-do list

- acknowledge teacher feedback

- complete or decline retry 

would be very helpful.

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