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Update on Admin Dashboard for New Buzz UI

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Dawn Nordine

Just following up on a post earlier.

Any update on the availability of the same/like Admin Dashboard tool we are depending on in Brain Honey Admin? With a significant number of teachers in our statewide program, this tool has been an efficient and effective way for an administrator to review teacher responsiveness, pacing, and critical students in a each course. I'm hoping other administrators feel the same way. 

Thank you for considering this important ask/request for an update for the new Buzz UI!

Dawn Nordine, WVS Executive Director

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Scott Taylor

Hello Dawn,

We will have similar functionality in Buzz before the sunsetting of BrainHoney in August. We'll provide more information and articles about the tool during the time leading up to the roll out.

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Dawn Nordine

I am doing a happy dance!!!! Thank YOU for the great news!!!!

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