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Peggy Runion

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Peggy Runion

I am new to the Buzz. My grandson has moved in with me and I am not familiar with the homeschooling. His calendar show his lesson to the end of March. Is this the end of school year, is home school year round, when will the next lesson appear. We are also looking into enrolling him in a school within our district, is there anything I need to do with the homeschool to transfer him to regular school.

Please advise.




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Scott Taylor

Hello Peggy,

Each school has a different schedule or process on how they handle the scheduling of courses. It would be recommended to reach out to either a teacher or other contact from the school in which your grandson is enrolled. This support forum is for the overall product which is used by a number of different schools and organizations. This unfortunately means Agilix will be unable to provide much assistance with questions about scheduling and specific school practices.

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