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NorthStar Academy: Kristi Velasquez

Hi Everyone,

Having the ability for students to collaborate and connect with each other is a game changer. We love these features. THANK YOU. But you missed the and video in blogs is so important for learning. Please help.

Explain this to me: Even the comment box I am writing in right now has the ability to use pictures, but not in an academic assignment, that is almost this exact same setup as these community posts? It doesn't make sense, academically, to not allow pictures and videos in a blog and journal setting within a digital classroom. The pedagogy is off, guys.

Maybe there is a tech issue I don't understand that prohibits Agilix from doing it for us...but goodness, y'all are really missing a POWERFUL opportunity to make those features fabulous.

Learners need to be able to connect with each other and their learning with images, guys.

Let's make it happen.

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Scott Taylor

Thank you very much for your feedback on features that would improve the user experience for journals and blogs. If this suggestion is a high priority for you please contact your account manager for further discussion.

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Melissa Moreno

Yes, this is definitely a high priority.  I teach math and want my students to be able to blog about math concepts.  If they can not include pictures, how can they include graphs and other illustrative elements when they are talking about data and real world applications?


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Gideon Seaman

Yep... Please add this functionality! And if you could include video... it would be stellar!

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