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Activity Time Duration of 6d23h

Annette Walaszek

Hello Agilix Support,

We have a student who completed a course Midterm Exam but had an error upon submission. Here's what we've determined so far:

1) The student started and completed the midterm the morning of 3/22. We can't tell the exact time the student started as there appear to also be visits to the page without opening the assessment.

2) When submitting, the student saw a popup error message: Unable to submit / Code: AccessDenied / Error Id: 07e2ac1b14e140bd8fd6937408f0c97e / Message: Access Denied: userid='****016'

3) The student reports they had finished selecting answers for the auto-graded Midterm and saw the error when they tried to submit.

4) The teacher-side submission shows the questions they were given from the test bank, but no answer choices are shown (and there is an auto-grade 0% score)

5) The Active time (as of review on 2/24) is recorded in the upper left of the Score/Activity history as 6d23h 6) The test was marked needs grading at 9:46am and Completed (0%) at 10:15am

We understand that the Active time is the duration of time between when the student started the assessment and when it was submitted, but don't understand how this can be 6d23h. We are looking for guidance to help the school prevent the problem in the future. Other than our general advice to 1) clear cache 2) be sure the browser is up-to-date, 3) check the connection speed, 4) have only the Buzz and SIS tabs open - is there any other advice we can offer to prevent a recurrence based on the odd Activity time and error type? Thanks for your help!

Annette Walaszek

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Trevor Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Annette!

It is possible the student had more than one tab open in the exam. Under that scenario, the session could have ended in one tab and submitted as a zero while the other tab they attempted to submit to received an access denied error. That would account for an inflated active time.

My recommendation is to open an exam in Buzz through one browser tab. If the behavior persists, May I please be provided with an enrollment ID and activity ID to further investigate? 

Thank you! 

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Annette Walaszek

Thank you, Trevor. That certainly explains the submission-with-no-answers, as well as the odd activity time duration! The direction to have one browser tab open is one we will emphasize and we will certainly reach out again if the error persists. Thanks again for your help!

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