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Assessments Don't Require Answers Anymore

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Kelly Calderone


In the old Brain Honey, when creating assessment questions, Brain Honey would prevent me from adding a new question unless I provided the correct answer. This was a great feature that seems to be gone now in Buzz. One of my teachers ran into a problem today in the new Buzz with this. Being unfamiliar with the Buzz Interface, she created a test and clicked the "Lock" symbol thinking that she was selecting the correct answer. Buzz did not prevent her from adding test questions until she selected the correct answer like Brain Honey did. All her students took the test but the test gave them all 100%. Now she has to go back and hand grade everything! Please bring back that feature from Brain Honey where teachers are forced to provide a correct answer. 

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Scott Taylor


Thank you for the feedback on features that assist teachers. This request has been passed along to our Product Team for further consideration.

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Kevin McBride

I do like, however, that I am able set up all my questions in "edit all" but choose my answers in the simple editor. Perhaps an alert that can be ignored would be more appropriate than not allowing the teacher to move on?

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