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blackout dates

Ryan Josephson

I was curious if it was possible to allow blackout dates to also work for standard course types (non-continuus). Teachers often schedule assignments to be due on holidays accidentally and it would be convenient if we could exclude dates through the admin blackout date settings.



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Scott Taylor

Currently blackout dates will only prevent continuous course due dates from falling on one of the specified dates. The blackout dates are visible in the course settings and the calendar of range courses, though not on the scheduling tab of the editor nor will a notice be generated when a teacher attempts to set a due date on a blackout date.

The request to have some further indicator on range courses of blackout dates when teachers are scheduling due dates has been passed along to our Product Team for further consideration.

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Christine Smith

Graying out blackout dates on the scheduling calendar for range classes would be a great benefit to us as well.  

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