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Carla Diede

A teacher can set the order and rearrange the order that content, folders assignments ect. appear within a course to students.  Except in a folder with Choice.  In the “Choice Activities” Folder assignments appear in alphabetical order when editing instead of allowing a teacher to set the order of assignments in the folder.  On the student side, the alphabetical order is not maintained and some items shift in order.  Is there anyway to make it so the teacher can set the order in which “Choice Activities” appear to students?

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Scott Taylor

Currently the choice activities for students are sorted alphabetically by the ItemID of the choice item (the ItemID can be viewed/edited in the item editor under the Navigation tab in Buzz). If no students have started any of the items it is possible to edit the ItemID of the items safely to determine the sort order, it will sort 1-9 then a-z, meaning an ItemID starting with 1 will be higher than one starting with a.

Additionally, I will pass this feedback along to our Product Team to investigate the possibility of having the student view of choice activities follow the order of assignments in the editor.

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Carla Diede

Thank you for the help!

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