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Cut/Paste Disabled for Discussions/Notes: Now I can't check for plagiarism!!

Wendy Cooley

Hi!  In BH I used to be able to cut and paste sections out of a student Discussion post --or an assignment they wrote in the notes box --and paste them into my browser window to check for plagiarism.  This was very handy.  Now, in Buzz, however, I am unable to cut and paste from these places.  And now I am unable to check for plagiarism.  Can the "cut and paste" be returned to these venues for teachers?

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Bill Carroll

This should be optional for teachers.  We don't want students cutting and pasting their posts, but at the same time we need the ability to check for plagiarism.

Can the feature have an 'on/off' function or at least only turn it off for students?

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Cory Bagozzi

Wendy, it appears that there may be an issue of "focus" in the browser. I was able to copy and paste the discussion text just fine, but only after double clicking somewhere random on the window itself. The easiest way is to just double click the first word you want to copy, then copy the rest. I assumed you were viewing these posts in the activity grader, so that is where I tested it. I will capture this for research into the cause, but that should solve your issue. If it does not, or I misunderstood the problem, please reach out to your technical contact so they can send us the details.

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