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Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Jeremy Walker

Brooke Yeager suggested the other day that it would great if the students had the ability to drag and drop the matching options so that they lined up.  We think this would also greatly improve the ordering questions too since students often seem to struggle with the up/down arrows.

Thanks for considering!

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Kevin McBride

Drag and drop functionality is available on ordering questions, however many students don't realize that you must click and drag from the arrows. It would be great if students could click anywhere on the text to drag and drop the responses into the correct order.

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Scott Taylor

The only area in the option that is not able to be clicked to drag is the grey-ed out arrow on the top and bottom option. This feedback will be passed along to our Product Team to see about allowing anywhere on any of the matching options to allow dragging and dropping.

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Jeremy Walker

That would be great, Scott, and should help with the ordering questions.

Changing the matching so that the words could actually be dragged next to the definition or vice versa would make that much more powerful than simply having the drop down to select the right choice.


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