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Equation editor for drop down matching

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Jeremy Walker

We've suggested this for the old editor, but we don't see it in the new editor so we're suggesting it again.

It would be really swell if we could use the equation editor (or even manually type the code) for choices that appear in the dropdown menu when doing matching questions with inline choices.

If this capability was provided but we just don't know to do it, please enlighten us.

Thanks so much for considering this request.

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Scott Taylor

This functionality is not currently allowed in Buzz. This feedback will be passed along to our Product Team for further consideration.

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Jeremy Walker

Thanks, Scott.

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Cory Bagozzi

Jeremy, thank you for the suggestion (you and your team always provide such great and thoughtful feedback). Unfortunately, there is a technical limitation on this one. Only plaintext can be rendered in the dropdown menus, and the equations require html to be displayed. This is why we cannot add the equation functionality to the matching question dropdown menus. We will look into ways to improve the behavior of the toolbar so that it is more obvious that when editing a dropdown option you cannot add an equation. Thanks again for helping us improve Buzz.

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Jeremy Walker

Thank you for the explanation, Cory.  If technology advances to where we could get the dropdown menus to render the html, we would have some very happy math and science folk here.

Thank you for the very kind words about our feedback.  That's not always the impression we get when we report things so we appreciate your comment here, Cory.

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