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User Settings: Disabling Hide excused activities

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Dana M.

Question: In the User Settings as shown below, the "Hide excused activities" default is always enabled. Is there a way we can choose to make this by default disabled?

I didn't see anything in the domain settings, nor in DLAP. But please direct me if I am overlooking.


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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Unfortunately, there is not an option to not have this as the default setting. We'll submit it as an improvement request, though.

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Dana M.

Thank you

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Annette Walaszek

We are using Buzz formative assessment but still want our students to be able to review items from which they are excused before they take the summative assessment. Any timeline on when this could possibly be unchecked by default? Thanks!

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Annette:

Thank you for your provided feedback which has been received. We currently have no options to change the default setting, it's possible that this could change sometime in the future. As of right now, users will need change this setting if they need to view excused items.    

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Richard Wisniewski

Is it possible to modify all students in a domain to "uncheck" hide excused activities via API?

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