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Users Frequently Logged Off

Paul Curtis

We support over 200 schools using Buzz.  In some of our schools, users are reporting being logged off every few minutes.  In the past, we have been able to resolve the issue by enabling cookies in the browser settings.  The local Buzz administrator is confident that cookies have been enabled on the computer and the problem is persisting.  They are not noticing any loss of connectivity and other web apps seem to be working fine.

Has anyone experienced this issue and have they found a solution?

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Carla Diede

We are having this same issue but unfortunately have not found a solution .  It appears to be exceptionally worse with our iPad users.  If an assignment takes them to a resource outside of Buzz it automatically signs them out.  An assignment that should take 3 min is taking 15-20 min because of them needed to log back and then reopening up what they were working on multiple times as they switch back and forth between recourses.

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Scott Taylor

There are a number of variables that can be at play for it to act as if a user is logged out, for example navigating to the login screen will force a user to log in again even if they are already logged in on a different window/tab.


It might be recommended to have the links that take a user out of Buzz to open in a new tab/window so they can easily swap between the two pages. If a user is not actively on a Buzz page when it is time to renew their access it will require them to log in again.

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