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Student viewing weight of the assignments

Christine Dorico

This option has not be added to our students accounts? Do you have any updates on when it will be? 



How can the student see the weight of the assignments? In Brain Honey the student could hover over the assignments on the grade page and could see the value, but we can't seem to find the way in Buzz. 

This is extremely helpful for our students so they can monitor their progress from the Performance area when reviewing grades.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member
Official comment

Thank you for the provided feedback! This feature is not available in Buzz at this time. Our team will take such requests and feedback into consideration, but we have no date on the horizon for implementing such a feature. If this suggestion is a priority for you please contact your account manager for further discussion.

Bruce Valenzano

This would be very beneficial for all the students.

Alison Siegel

Students have asked for this feature to confirm the points provided in their rubric.

Miki Merritt

Yes, this would be extremely helpful. Has this been added yet?

Kevin McBride

I spent awhile in Buzz as a student this past weekend. Without being able to see the weight of each assignment, it is nearly impossible to understand the grade. I can understand the frustration from students and parents. This suggestion is an absolute must.

April Joy Macadangdang

This feature will give students an idea on their academic performance.  It is also a good way to motivate them in completing tasks/assignments.

Florangel Frayle Goble

Students have asked various times how to find the point value for their assignments. It would be extremely helpful to have this feature for students and teachers. 

Patricia Florit-Valenzano

This would really help the students find the point values quickly!

Mila Fernandez

For most of my students, it is the first thing they do to motivate themselves, especially when they have a bunch of missing assignments. 


This feature would be very helpful. I have had many students and parents requesting assignment/test/quiz weights.

Mila Fernandez

Sorry, I misunderstood. However, my students click on same place to see this weight, or some similar information. 

So, I think that they will appreciate it. 

Belinda Chayeb

This option will allow students and teachers to track their assignments.  This was a feature that was helpful in the past.

Lyn Franklin

Do you have an update on this request, perhaps a timeline?

Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Lyn!

Please reach out to your account manager if this is a priority request. 

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