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Pearson SuccessNet and Pearson MyMathLab Integration with Buzz

Melissa Moreno

Hi!  Our school uses Pearson SuccessNet for all of our math, language arts, and social studies courses.  We also use Pearson MyMathLab for our advanced math classes.  We would like to set up our Buzz courses so that the students are able to access and view these systems from directly inside of the course.  Right now we are focusing on the MyMathLab side but we eventually want to get the SuccessNet working, too.

I read the support article here on Agilix about the LTI information that I would need to get from Pearson here on this site.  I then called Pearson Support (866-952-8628) and spent an hour on the phone with one of their tech guys.  I think he was lower level.  Trying to get this information.  He said that he could not bring it up because Agilix Buzz is not one of the LMS systems that they currently work with.  He then told me that I needed to contact you (the Agilix people) and ask you to contact Pearson to work with them on what is needed to get their product to work within Buzz.  

I even told him that all I really needed from him was the website to link to, the LTI Key, LTI Secret.  He put me on hold for longer and then told me that he could not get this information for me.

We even tried to use this site to find the information that we need, but because we have not used any of these other LMS systems, we are not sure which would even give us the info we need 

Is there any way that one of your tech guys can work with Pearson on this?  Pearson is a pretty huge publisher. I know that we are not the only school that uses them.  We would very much like to get this working this school year as one of the biggest complaints that our families give each year is that they do not like having to access multiple sites in order for their students to complete work for their classes.

Thanks so much!
Melissa Moreno
NorthStar Academy
Mathematics Lead Teacher
Curriculum Developer


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