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Embedding a Resource in Rich Text Activity

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Dana M.

We've been able to hard code links to other assets in the embed content feature of the new Editor in Buzz, but when attempting to just embed a resource in the rich text activity, the only option is for a PDF.

Is this intended?

Here are the steps to access this field:

Enter course syllabus>create a rich text activity>click embed content button> click Course Resource. 

Only PDF files show, and when you click "New" only PDF files will upload and display. 

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Dana, when you say "hard code links to other assets in the embed content feature of the new Editor in Buzz," what are you referring to? Could you provide the steps?

We'll answer soon your other inquiry about embedded resources in the rich text editor.

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Dana M.

Unfortunately our hard code workaround we had doesn't work appropriately, my apologies, so I won't be able to provide steps.

The issue is that we are trying to embed videos (.mp4) and the files do not show when you try to embed a resource in Buzz as above.

However, BrainHoney allows this function. For instance:
-Syllabus>Add "Editable Content"
-Select "Insert/Edit Embed Media"
-In General tab> Browse for File/URL and select your .mp4 file



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Gail J Van Rensburg

There was a comment from Brad Marshall, "there is not a way to embed a video resource from your course resources. Videos must be hosted externally to embed into a course."

I figured that you can get a video in there by doing this:

Enter the video as a resource, and when you go to your editor, you will see the video appears in the space you refer to:

My problem is that the videos can be downloaded and I don't want videos to be downloaded. Does any one have a solution for this? 


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