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Ability for Students to Review Activities Easier

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Kevin McBride

I have noticed that fewer students seem to ask questions about answers that have been marked wrong than in the past. I have found that one of the reasons is that reviewing past work can be somewhat cumbersome. Reviewing past questions is crucial to learning. The current set-up makes this difficult.

For example, the current flow for a student to check their activity is below.

1. Student sees an assignment has been graded. The feed on the home screen is very helpful. I really like that it also tells a student when feedback has been given.

2. Student clicks on assignment. This screen is mostly blank. The student can only see the score on this page. It would be helpful if the blank space showed the questions and answers instead.

3. Student clicks the information button. This screen shows details of the assignment.

4. Student clicks "Questions" Tab. This student is able to see what was marked correct and incorrect, but the window size only allows the student to see 1 question at a time (at 100% zoom on their Chromebook's default resolution. For longer questions, only a part of the question can be seen.

The student screen shows their score as "1 of 1" or "0 of 1" in blue. There is no marking to show that an answer is completely or partially incorrect.

It would be a great improvement if a screen like below would appear after clicking on an already completed assignment. It shows multiple questions in a larger screen, and has an x or other indicator to show the problem was wrong in addition to "0 of 1".


I hope this makes sense. Thanks!


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Flew Flewelling

I 100% agree.  The students don't take the time to go 4 clicks down to see what they missed in an assignment.  When you first click on the assignment, the first thing you should see are the questions (without the directions as these take up too much real estate!)

Another suggestion tied to this would be to add a selection in the feedback settings that is "Show only INCORRECT questions."  If this is selected, then the questions the student got correct would drop off, and they would only see the questions that they didn't get correct.  

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Carla Diede

I agree.  Most my students didn't even realize they could see the questions due to the fact they had to go through these clicks to get there.


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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Thank you for the feedback to improve the product. Please reach out to your account manager to address this request further. As a side note, the blank page when a student views the activity is likely due to the item not having any content placed within the Content editor field under the Activity tab of the item settings. 

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