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I want to be ablet individually turn off "Gated Assignments"

Wendy Cooley

As a teacher, I want to build my course in Buzz with "gates" that stop a student from moving on until they complete a given assessment.  We can do that now, which is great.  However, sometimes, students have legitimate reasons for wanting to work past the "gate".  Perhaps they are traveling and are not ready to take a test, but can work ahead on the next unit.  Right now, there is no way to individually let them past the "gate".  Can Buzz provide a way to do this individually, please?  It would be a great help to me and all the teachers at Northstar Academy.

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Flew Flewelling

+1  I find the same thing with "stop accepting submissions."  I like the "gates" and "stop accepting" ideas, but if I can't override them individually, it messes up the flow and the students. 

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Wendy Cooley

Yes, absolutely correct!  Because they are not flexible, I have not been able to use those features much.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

If your "gates" are mastery of another activity, you can overwrite those.

For example, let say you restrict the visibility of a Discussion Board by the mastery of an Assignment. In other words, you must first complete Assignment before you can see Discussion Board. You can open up the grade editor for the student that needs the exception, and select "Override Complete" for the Assignment activity. This will allow the user to see Discussion Board even those they have not completed Assignment.

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