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Transfer grades on assignments?

Shane Foglesong

If a student enrolls late and has a transfer grade, what is the most efficient way to enter the transfer grade to the covered assignments? For example, I may need to enter a 70% for all assignments in Semester 1. It currently takes about 5 minutes to click on each assignment and enter the transfer grade. Is there a better way to do this using Buzz?

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Jesse Fox

I would love to know the answer to this as well!

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

If the student is transferring from an existing Buzz course and the assignments were the same (same ID), then an admin can move the enrollment from one section to another and it will retain all grades. 

However, if the student's previous work is not in the system and is not using the same IDs, then there are a couple of different options.

  1. "Enable Quick Edit" to move through the gradebook like a spreadsheet. 
  2. Export the gradebook, open in a spreadsheet software, remove the rows for students you don't need to change, and then fill out the student's scores for all of the activities. Then you can Import Scores to bring the CSV back into Buzz.
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Bruce Sharp

You can also make a new group for the transfer student. Create one new assignment called transfer grade. That assignment is invisible to the other groups so the rest of the students don't see it. Make the assignment worth as many points as you want (as appropriate for how your grade book is set up). I would use the total number of points the student missed before they arrived. Add your new student to the transfer group. Use the bulk edit tool to make all the work they missed invisible to the transfer group. The new transfer grade assignment should be visible for just that group. Then go to the grade book and type in their transfer percent/letter grade.

We made the transfer group and transfer grade assignment in our master course so it is already in place. (though it only takes a minute to do)

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