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Using Templates: Can you make it one-click?

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Erin Terry

In introducing templates to my teachers, I got a lot of feedback that using the templates took too many clicks. Having to click "my Templates" folder, find the template, copy the template, then go back to the folder where I want the template to be placed and finally clicking paste.... uggg

Couldn't there be a "My templates" and "Buzz Templates" headers  in the dropdown where I could quickly add from my template with one click? This would be greatly appreciated.



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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Erin, thank you for your feedback. From your image, I don't see any templates that you have created. When you say templates, are you simply referring to the content you have in your "Resources" folder? And if so, do you prepopulate these templates with actual content, or is it simply activity structure (i.e., folder, activity 1, activity 2, folder etc.)? 

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