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Want a new breakthrough in grading: a Buzz screenshot tool!

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Dan and Wendy Cooley

I would love to have a cut and paste tool within Buzz that could allow me to take a screenshot of student work within a "notes" box or a Discussion post, draw in red pen or highlight words in it, and then paste it into the feedback box.  This would save me a lot of time trying to describe to the student what is wrong.    The pen and highlighter are fantastic and quick!

 It would also be super helpful if I could take a screenshot of the student's attached documents when they show up in the viewing window.  Again, I could highlight and use my red pen on a part of that document and then paste it into my feedback box or the rubric feedback.  This would INCREDIBLY speed my grading because I would not always have to download the attached document, make corrections, and re-attach it.

I used to be able to use Firefox and Snipping tool to do this in BH, but now with Chrome I cannot do cut and paste like this.  

Could Buzz put a cut and paste teacher tool right into the Buzz program?



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