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Finding a Student....want to see grade AND course progress percentage...

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Dan and Wendy Cooley

Hi!  I like that I can search for a student easily and see his/her grade quickly.  However, I would like to see the percentage that they have progressed through the class at this point --not just the green visual graph of how far they have progressed.  Can you add the percentage to show on top of or with the graph?  I often want to tell a parent how much of the class is done.  It would be nice to see that on this page and not have to click further forward into the actual performance stats for the class as a whole.

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Wendy Cooley

As I continue using the Buzz People page, I continue to wish that I could see a percentage for student progress.  I also would like to be able to put the start date and end date for a course on this page.  It would be nice to have that information added to "Options".

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Bill Carroll

And a distinction of end dates posted... when the student desire to finish (student end date) which can be changed by the student and when the course time officially expires (school end date) which cannot be changed by the student.

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