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Templets for Grading Purposes...want separate template lists for each assignment...

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Wendy Cooley

I like the fact that we have a list of templates available when we go to make teacher comments on a student's paper.  However, having one list of templates for the whole class means the comments have to be more vague.  If you could make each assignment have it's own list of templates, that would be so helpful.  Then I could have specific feedback about that particular lesson ready to insert.  I could also have different pictures and fun things available for each individual lesson, so that they were never repeated. :)

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Bill Carroll

Agreed.  A template for essays, a template for group discussions, a template for summary reading/viewing assignments, a template for research projects, a template for choice assignments, and so on.  I would really love to see the option to click and bring up either a default template or a specific template with assignment types (and be able to set which one opens when the assignment is first 'opens').

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Patty Farrer

How about the ability to organize templates in folders? You could create a folder for each type of assignment if you wanted to, or perhaps folders for positive, neutral and negative feedback. Or a folder in a folder to best organize. Although you don't want a lot of clicks, it takes less time to click then it does to search through a long list of text comments to find the one you want.

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Melissa Moreno

YES!!  I, too, request the ability to organize templates by folder. That would be extremely helpful for those of us who teach several courses. I even mentioned this at a webinar held by Agilix a couple of a years ago.  Please put this on your list of updates.

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