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Matching not showing up the way in Buzz as it did in BH (from Mindy Pearson)

Jeremy Walker

Mindy reported that she had set up her matching questions so that the number side wouldn't scramble.  Her coding looks like this:

In the BH view, you can see that the numbers stayed put, which makes sense given what she is trying to do with this question.

But the Buzz view scrambled the left side.

Is there a way to have Buzz do that?  Are we doing something wrong?

If it's a Buzz itself issue, please consider this feature request.




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Joshua Graegin

I also had a problem with this.  I did find a work around to create this type of quiz, however it does not allow me to add any distractors...



Looking to a similar feature request as Jeremy.




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Bruce Sharp

Maybe add an option to keep the question in order or scramble within a matching question.

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