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Get current Domain as URL replacement variable?

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Matthew Marichiba

Hi, I have a question regarding custom menu items in Buzz. We can use replacement variables in the URL parameter to pass data along to the called app, but I don't see a way to pass the currently-selected domain.  COURSEID passes the currently-selected course as context, so it seems logical that we'd also be able to get a currently-selected domain, if there is one. 

Am I missing something?


PS- the only info I can find on this comes from the archaic Brainhoney docs here:

url - URL to display in a top level iframe when a user clicks the menu entry. This URL can contain dynamic replacement variables by surrounding them with double curly braces: {{VAR}}. These are the supported replacement variables:

  • TOKEN - The xLi authentication token for the currently logged in user. When using this variable, url must be a secure URL that starts with https.
  • USERID - The ID for the currently logged in user.
  • USERDOMAINID - The domain ID for the currently logged in user.
  • USERSPACE - The userspace for the customization domain, or the domain userspace visible in the top level URL.
  • ENROLLMENTID - The ID of the currently selected enrollment.
  • COURSEID - The ID of the course associated with the currently selected enrollment.
  • QUERY-<param> - The value of the top page's query parameter with the case-sensitive name of <param>. The application only replaces this variable if external is not set to true.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

You are correct. The only domain identifier currently allowed in the URL is USERDOMAINID, but this is not the current domain you are logged into, but rather the user's domain (i.e., where the user record exists).

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

For anyone else readying this, this can now be accomplished with the ADMINDOMAINID variable. See How do I create custom Main Menu entries? for more information.

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