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Ability to email observers (from Brooke Yeager)

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Jeremy Walker

Brooke Yeager asks:

Is there a way to communicate with parents via email through Buzz?  I see the communication with students but I was hoping  for parent emails.

jmw: Our parents have observed enrollments on the student enrollments.

If this ability exists, please let us know how to do it.  If it doesn't, please consider this feature request.



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Jeremy Walker

Just reiterating that this would be an extremely helpful tool to have in communicating with parents who had observed enrollments for our students.

Thanks for considering.

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Cory Bagozzi

Jeremy, we have recently added some new features around sending emails to observers (and parents). When sending an email to students through the Send Mail feature, or the clipboard, the teacher now has the option to send the email to recipients only, recipients and their observers, or just the observers. If you would like more information regarding this feature please see:

Hope all is well.

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Jeremy Walker

Thanks for the update, Cory.  I noticed that in the last release and really appreciate both the feature and you following up on the request.  Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

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