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Filter test analytic information along with the groups (from Amanda Campos)

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Jeremy Walker

Amanda Campos writes:

After I input my quiz grades, I used to be able to see the specific data per class in BrainHoney [by switching to view just that class (i.e. group) before clicking on the test name to get to the test analytics screen].  And by data I mean # of A’s-F’s, mean, median, mode, etc.

Now, through Buzz I can only seem to get data based on all 3 of my honors classes as a whole.  I tried it with the filter on by period and off and it gave me the same data both times.  When I am in  the gradebook, I can see the average for the quiz change on the bottom of the column, but when I click the name of the quiz (1.0-1.2 in this case) and then I click the test analytics button, I am only getting the data as a whole.

Any idea how to see the breakdown individually [only the data for that group]?

Thanks so much!

jmw: If this is possible and we're just not figuring it out, please let us know.  Otherwise, please consider this a feature request for parity with BH.



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Jeremy Walker

I recently received several of these requests as teachers were trying to analyze their final exam scores and attempting to see if they were seeing the same achievement across all of their sections (set up as groups in Buzz courses) or if particular class periods were outperforming others (and possibly getting different instruction strategies that were working better than others).

So, allowing the analytics to be filtered by groups would be really advantageous to us.

Thanks for considering this.

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Bruce Sharp

Agreed, this would be very useful.

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Is the ability to view LMS assessment analytics data by group available?  If so, will you please share the process?  Thanks!

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