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Text formatting in announcements box requested (from Bruce Sharp et al.)

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Jeremy Walker

Teachers would really like to have more formatting options in their announcements editor.

Here's how Bruce used that in the BH announcement editor:

"Specifically, I got in the habit last year of highlighting and changing the text color of quizzes and test so they stood out more."

jmw: As this same text editor is used in various places (teacher feedback, comments, etc.), this same comment applies in all of those locations too.  Teachers really appreciated those tools in the BrainHoney product and would like to see them in the Buzz product as well.

Thanks for considering.

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Kevin Healy

In addition, I have had many requests to be able to include internal links into announcements so students can jump directly from an announcement into the activity.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

With today's release, you can now use color formation options in Announcements. Check out the release notes.

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Jeremy Walker

That's great news, Brad.

We saw that it looked like internal course links were made available to the new Agenda tool.  If that could be done for the Announcements too, I think my folk would feel as if they had BH parity and would be very excited (and maybe abandon the BH interface more readily).

Keep up the good work.  Please tell the entire team that we really do appreciate all the hard work they've been putting into making a great product even better.

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