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Course linking requested (from Melissa Beach et al.)

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Jeremy Walker

Melissa writes:

Hi Jeremy,

    Is there a way to hyper link announcements in Buzz to the course items? I used to just click the button in my BrainHoney announcements and then it would link the students to the assignment in BH.  It was great for the freshmen.  Please and thank you.

[jmw: We have added a link that takes the teacher to the BH announcements page so they are able to do this as a workaround right now, but we think that Buzz announcements should have the native ability to link to a course item just like you could in BH.  It's a great tool that our teachers utilize well.]

Thanks for considering,


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Flew Flewelling

I would love to see this as well!  I've tried copying the link from the Activities page, but the link has "teacher" and my id number.

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Byron Heath

I have teachers who are requesting this improvement as well. 

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Melissa Moreno

Ditto!!  We would like to see it, too!  We would also like this feature added to discussion board posts as well.

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