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Student reads feedback

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Ken Sajdak

 Is there a way to tell if students have read teacher feedback on an assessment?



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Wendy Cooley

This would be very helpful and instructive!

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Dennis Killmer

This feature would be very helpful.

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Jill Daignault

I agree!  Being able to determine if student's have viewed their feedback will be very valuable information!  Is this a feature that can be easily made available?  Thank you!

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Scott Taylor

There is not currently a way to review if a student has viewed their feedback. This request has been passed along to our Product Team for further consideration.

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Ethan Ransdell

Was this ever implemented?

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Joe Kerns

It could be something as simple as seeing red turning green if it were clicked on.  It would be very helpful to know that feedback has been read without resorting to using passwords for the next assignment. 


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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Currently there is not a way within Buzz for a teacher to know if a student read their feedback.

A course author could create one or more non-gradable activities that is set to mark as complete by the student where it's content includes something along the lines of asking the student if they read the teacher's feedback. That would help add another layer of responsibility and would show in the gradebook as a green check-mark when the view non-gradable activities setting enabled. The check-mark will indicate to the teacher the student marked the activity as complete. This doesn't mean the student actually did read the teacher's feedback as we can't force a student to do so. 

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T.O. Bakken

This is better than nothing, but just a simple visual indicator to see if they opened feedback would be so much better! 

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