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RCSD eLearning Team

This is extremely important to all of us (teachers and students have all asked for it) and we have been asking for it since we started using BrainHoney, and now as we switch to Buzz.  

Ideally we would like there to be several different notifications, that by default are turned on for each account, then each user can go in and customize their own, in terms of which notifications they would like to receive and how (email, text, etc.)

Some of the notifications we would like to see:

For students

When given feedback from a teacher is given on any work (assignments, assessments, blog/journals, discussion posts, etc.) and this one they should not be able to turn off – we have found all too often that students do not read the feedback.  

When assignments are graded, with out without feedback – this one they can turn on or off if they don’t care to be notified immediately

For teachers

When assignments are submitted – a setting in each assignment – some assignments are important to grade immediately and would be nice for teachers to be able to choose to get notification of when they are submitted

Any new posts to discussion boards – again, a setting in each discussion board where teachers can choose as some discussions are important and require immediate responses, such as Q&A/Help discussion boards

For both students and teachers

A notification of replies to discussion board posts

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a weekly or daily email digest for parents indicating up to date grades and upcoming assignments and due dates would be a nice feature

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Kevin Healy

I would also like to see optional notifications that would allow observers or parent roles to get notifications via e-mail or text message when an assignment/assessment is posted or due soon. 

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Wendy Cooley

Yes, It would be so helpful to have the students notified when someone comments on their Discussion post or when the teacher leaves a comment on a paper.


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