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Ryan Josephson

When copying a class, group settings are not preserved.  For example, changing the visibility of an assignment based on a group will not save when a course is copied.  I'm guessing this is because the groups are not saved when a course is copied so there is nothing to reference.

This makes the feature nearly unusable because it makes so much work each semester when we copy a course for a new section and have to redo all of the group adaptations.

It's a great feature for making adaptive courses that accommodate SPED users or AP students, it just needs to be worth doing from a time/benefit perspective and this would help a lot.

Thank You

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Elizabeth Camarena

Wondering if there is an update on this specific item... It does take a lot to set up groups. Ideally, there would be an option so that a master course could hold the group settings and the settings would be replicated with all child copies. 

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